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-First chapter: sketched; 17 pages
-Cover image in progress

-24 pages
-Pages complete: 1

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The Empty King
-Chapter 5 pages sketched/script finished: 78 pages
-Character colour references complete

-New pages planned
-Needs a folder

-Will probably end up with a different title
-Story outline needs to be rewritten
-Script will probably end up very different from the original
After a stupid length of time calling the story something else, I've decided to title Miles's story (officially this time, I swear) "Threads". It's mostly due to the magic system I created for that world, which may or may not have been subconsciously inspired by the story in the last journal entry. I've sketched the pages for it and I'm working out some location details before I get too far into the story (where important places are located in relation to each other, mostly). City layouts are hard, man.

Still working on Monsters. Cleaning up sketches takes a bit and I'm trying to handle a lot of other life things at the same time, but I'm getting there. Kind of.
What is it with the universe's love of giving people good things and then throwing bad things on top of the pile? It takes a lot of effort to sort through the garbage. It's like cleaning a room and creating a huge pile of stuff in the middle of it to sort through. Yeah, you're technically still cleaning, but it looks like Hell until you're at least halfway done. And I'm at the "looks like Hell" point. Someone get me a vacuum cleaner. :|

Well, there are seventeen pages in the first chapter of Threads. Subsequent chapters will probably follow a "short at first, then increasingly lengthy" pattern. Either that or they'll all be tiny chapters. We'll see; one chapter at a time.

The Empty King is currently my "stress release" story. I work on it when I'm feeling down.

If nothing else, life being difficult gives me a great opportunity to come up with silly similes.
Still shuffling on.


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United States
Something like light at the edge. Or is it a boundary of light?


I draw a lot digitally and like to write stories.
People tell me I'm good at it.

A friend once called me "Lord of the Bishounen" because most of my characters are male and very pretty.
My boys are much less sparkly than most anime pretties, though. Take it or leave it, I guess.

I'm kind of lame.

>The Empty King<
>Other webcomics<


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